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1. Trans2Care started in 2011 as a cluster of 13 partners. Most of them had a history of collaborations, that were, however, discontinuous for lack of significant financial support. Grant opportunities for bi-lateral research were almost missing.
2. After one year, Trans2Care operates as a network, in which previous collaborations have revived and new collaborations have started (see details). Most significantly, though, the partners are gaining a systemic view about the assets of the network. In facts, they keep updated about the state of advancement of joint activities, thanks to period meetings, mobility of their researchers, material exchanged via the intranet section of the website, etc.
3. The actors of networking are the 14 young researchers, who have established 6 working groups to boost their networking efficacy, aiming at future financial support for the sustainability of the project.
4. After two years, the 14 Researchers have gone through most of their technological and complementary training. They are now establishing the first interactions with firms. The details are reported in the volume Meeting proceedings of Trans2care, available in the section T2C books.
5. Trans2Care is realising innovations that are useful for the prevention of chronic diseases typical of ageing. The innovations have been presented at NanotechItaly 2013 on 27th November 2013. An overview shows the efficacy of networking.
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