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Management system

The Lead Partner
The Lead Partner ensures the implementation of the Project (according to article 20 of Regulation (EC) n. 1080/2006 of European Parliament and  Coucil of 05.07.2006.
The management of the Project has been conceived as a 3-level structure:
• Network Level - Includes the management of the interactions among LP and PPs and between LP and the Managing Authority.
• Partner Level - Concerns the internal management of the project activities (both technical/scientific and administrative) of each PP to ensure the Partner specific deliverables and timeschedule are properly met.
• Researcher Level - Takes care of the specific activities assigned to each researcher and of the coordinated actions among researchers belonging to different PPs.
The overall management is therefore performed in an integrated way and is monitored, steered and coordinated by the Lead partner. The latter is supported by various administrative units of University of Trieste as well as by some external units.
These are within the University of Trieste:
- Administrative office of the Department of Life Sciences, where the team manager is affiliated,
- Human resources office (for appointments of collaboration given to experts),
- Public procurement office (for appointments of collaboration given to firms),
- Industrial liaison office (for interaction with companies),
- Public relations and press office (for event organisation and media contacts),
- Scientific dissemination office (for the valorisation of project’s results),
- Legal affairs office (for regulatory issues).
Project management is assigned to T&B Associati s.r.l., a consultancy company based in AREA Science Park (Padriciano, Trieste). 
Website is powered by NetScience Content Management System (CMS) developed and maintained by Promoscience s.r.l., based in AREA Science Park in Padriciano, Trieste. 
Project Visual identity has been developed by Divulgando s.r.l., Trieste, a company specialised in communication & dissemination actions, with the support of a freelance journalist, Cristina Favento.
Consultancy about project activities alignment with European Cohesion policies is given by Giorgio Tessarolo.
Consultancy on implementation of some parts of the project (work package 5) is given by Luca Escoffier