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T2C is a project aimed at creating an international network operating in range of scientific fields, seeking to develop new products and services for the improvement of the health system
The related fields of expertise range from mathematics to chemistry and from biology to medicine.
The project, started in April 2011, is divided into various elements denominated Work Packages and involves 13 Partners located in Slovenia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Emilia Romagna, coordinated by the University of Trieste.
The network also aims to develop close contacts with industry and institutions operating within the healthcare system such as end-users of new knowledge and technologies.
The academic institutions, hospitals and treatment institutions and the research and technology transfer centres that go to make up the network are working together. The aim is to jointly construct an unprecedented model of integration and create a virtuous synergy, not only in science and technology, but also in the social and economic fields.
With this in mind, the project participants are committed to achieve a set of common objectives by September 2014.
The participants in this new integration between scientific disciplines and between actors in cultural, economic and social issues are the 14 researchers recruited by the project, engaged in technological and complementary training, enabling them to compare offers and technological requirements of use in improving the health of the population of the programme area.
With the progress in the planning stages and the progressive sharing of different types of knowledge, the interaction protocols are being perfected with a view to extending the cooperation to new partners and ensuring lasting future developments.
This synergistic interaction is aimed at the creation of new products and services that should enhance the diagnostic, preventative and treatment instruments for the most frequent pathologies in the cross-border area involved, with the objective of having a positive impact on the health of its citizens and, consequently, raising levels of well-being and prosperity.
Start Date: April 1st 2011
Ending date: September 30th 2014
Budget: 2,611,118 Euro 

Management system

The Lead Partner The Lead Partner ensures the implementation of the Project (according to article 20 of Regulation (EC) n. 1080/2006 of European Parliament and Coucil of 05.07.2006. ...

How we create innovation

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Work Packages

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1. Trans2Care started in 2011 as a cluster of 13 partners . Most of them had a history of collaborations, that were, however, discontinuous for lack of significant financial support. Grant o ...