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Knowledge e tech transfer

In the frame of the project's activities for connecting research, industry and healthcare, the project has contacted >50 bodies to carry out technological audits.

On-site visits, individual reports and the preparation of a document fo creating a database of potential beneficiaries of research results obtained by Trans2Care Partners have been done by the Researchers recruited by the project.

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To guide research activities towards applications in healthcare and biotechnology, it is useful to evaluate one's results by means of the Technology readiness levels (TRL) scale.
  1. What are the Technology Readiness Levels?
  2. How can I move from a given TRL to the next one?  
  3. Who are the actors most involved in a given TRL? 
  4. How can I strengthen the basis for a fruitful collaboration with research, clinics and industry? 
What are the main obstacles against technology transfer and what solutions to overcome them?
These have been the questions addressed during the Conference Capitalisation of results from projects of research, development and innovation, which took place in Bled on 14.07.2014. A specific Thematic table "Technology Transfer" has been jointly organised by Citius, Pangea and Trans2Care projects.
Here is the presentation with the analysis and suggestions to improve technology transfer form research laboratories to industries.