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What the Researchers have done

The 14 Researchers have dedicated 60-80% of their time to their technological training, regularly reported at projects meetings to promote internal exchange of experience and new collaborations.

Each researcher has done other activities, freely chosen and reported in their individual reports.
The remaining share of their time has been spent in team activities aimed at developing their complementary skills.
How is Researchers' life? Only work or also some personal life? Here are the indicators:
 In view of the end of the project, the Researchers have written theri full report of activitieris and their carrer plan (go to:

  Researcher  my scientific skills (PDF download)
 my full report my carreer plan
LP1 Jovana Čvorović My research topics are cancer biology and natural products. I'm involved as well in the design, implementation and analysis of in vitro and in vivo experiments.    
PP2 Lovro Žiberna I've been dealing in this years pharmacology studies, laboratory experiments with animals, experimentation on isolated organs, cell cultures, data analysis and biomedical statistics.    
PP1 Katja
PP2 Maura Barbisin I am expert in biology, immunology, gene expression, neurodegeneration, genomics and genotyping.    
PP3 Mitja Martelanc I've studied analytical chemistry in the last years and I'm getting more and more passionate about biochemistry.    
PP4 Alessandro Baldan My fields are Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biostatistics,Molecular Epidemiology, Clinical Research, Karyotyping, Webpage Management, Conference planning, Multimedia Communications.    
 PP5  Giorgia Favaro My tasks are related to prior art searches, IP procedure and fillings, accounting, business management, project management, innovation, property and business improvement.    
 PP6 Polona
My field of studies nowadays are physiology of autonomic nervous system and biomarkers for acute kidney injury.    
 PP7 Morena Silvestrini I've made my research in the field of electroanalytical techniques accompanied with skills in other analytical methods, micro-nano fabrication methods for the preparation of electrochemical sensors/biosensors for biological/medical applications.    
 PP8  Francesca D'Este My main field of studies in this years have been cell biology, molecular biology and microbiology.    
 PP9 Luigina
De Leo
I've worked on cell biology, animal experimentation, immunohistochemestry, autoimmunity diseases, data collection and analysis.    
 PP10 Uroš Rajčević My research topics are gene expression analysis; Immune-assays; Protein expression systems (recombinant DNA) and analysis (proteomics), Applied histology, In vivo animal experiments, Mouse mAb production, Cell line models, Data processing, Microscopy.    
 PP11 Franja
My competences are in chemistry, nanotechnology and project management.    
 PP12 Ana
My research topics are nutrition, health and natural products. I'm also involved in the design, implementation and analysis of in vitro and in vivo experiments.