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Public Presentations

This section contains links to presentations done by the Network participants during public Events or Meetings.
Please click on the name of the event / meeting to download the relevant presentation. 
17 November 2014, Kick-off meeting of the Horizon 2020 project "The European regions network for health research and innovation (RegHealth-RI), Brussels. Invited expert presentation "Trans2Care-Transregional network for Innovation and Technology Transfer to Improve Health Care: an insider view on health R&I in the Italy-Slovenia cross-border Area", by Sabina Passamonti.

 14 November 2014, 9° Convegno nazionale dell'associazione Donne e scienza "Scienza, genere e società: a che punto siamo?" (, Trento, 12-14.11.2014. Selected presentation (Italian only) "Ricerca&innovazione nella Politica di Coesione 2014-2020. Quanto conteranno le questioni di genere?", by Sabina Passamonti.

19 September 2014, Trans2Care experience presented at the 4° Colloquium of Genetics (Marine Biology Station, National Institue of Biology, Piran), with the presentation "Academic carreer development by bridging research with society: the experience and results of Trans2Care project".

27 March 2014, Trans2Care has participated to the survey on academia-enterprise success cases of the Fondazione CRUI (Conference of the Rectors of the Italian Universities). Read the text (Italian only).

Report "FACTS FEATURES AND FIGURES -Crossborder Biomedical Conference", Trieste, 27.02.2014

4 December 2013, "Ricerca Biomedica per la salute", ITA-SLO Health & Research Network Meeting, Experience sharing among projects funded by the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013. Gorizia.Presentation prof. Sabina Passamonti.

3 December 2013, "Today and Tomorrow", University of Trieste. Presentation prof. Sabina Passamonti.

27-29 November 2013, "NanotechItaly 2013, Workshop Medicine for Nanotechnologies, Nanotechnologies for Medicine", Venezia. Interview to Sabina Passamonti. Presentation.  

9 October 2013, "TRANS2CARE project: multidisciplinarity, complementarity, sustainability of biomedical research"Pharmacogenetics in higher educationWorkshop for high school and university lecturers
Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana.  Presentation of L. Žiberna, PhD MPharm LP – University of Trieste.

26-27 Settembre 2013, "Strategie per la gestione della Talassemia Major", Firenze. Presentation by Prof. C. Borgna, PP4 Team Manager. As part of a larger research project, preliminary results of a study funded by T2C on the role of the protein Klotho in patients with thalassemia major.

20-24 April 2013, "7th Conference on Experimental and Translational Oncology", Portoroz, Slovenia (poster on Trans2Care network by Ana Petelin (PP12) and presentation of Trans2Care activities by Sabina Passamonti (LP) 

21-23 November 2012, "Trans2care at Nanotech Italy 2012", Venice (poster by Morena Silvestrini (PP7)

19 November 2012, "Visit to JRC Ispra", Ispra (presentation by Sabina Passamonti (LP Team manager)

8 November 2012, "Trans2care at the XVth National conference-HPS-HS", Trieste (poster by Sabina Passamonti (Team manager LP)

25 October 2012, "First scientific conference with international partecipation »SLOVENIAN DAY OF DIETETICS«", Izola ( Dietary anthocyanins: are they micronutrients?, presentation by Sabina Passamonti (LP Team manager)

28 September 2012, "Nord-est tecnology transfer during TriesteNext week", Trieste (presentation by Enrico Braidot (PP8 Team manager)-ITA Version only)

3 April 2012, "Meeting between the Managing Authority and Lead Partners of Strategic Projects", Trieste (ITA Version; SLO Version)

30 January 2012, " Meeting between the Managing Authority and Lead Partners of Strategic Projects", Trieste (ITA Version; SLO Version)

21 November 2011, " Kick-Off Meeting at the University of Trieste", Scuola superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori - Narodni Dom, Trieste (presentation by Sabina Passamonti (LP Team Manager) - ITA Version only)