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General Public

Working Group 5



Organization of the group

Italian Coordinator – Maura Barbisin (PP2)

Slovenian Coordinator – Ana Petelin (PP12)

T2C Team Managers: Giuseppe Legname (PP2); Maja Čemažar (PP12)

Members of the group: Franja Šulek (PP11); Morena Silvestrini (PP7); Francesca D'Este (PP8)


Target stakeholders

       Healthy population



Working goals

       Dissemination of science to general public

       Preparing brochures, posters, leaflets, etc. for public

       To advertise T2C research to general public

       Organization of open events, lectures, etc. for general public

       Connecting to associations/public entities/agencies that work with the general public



       5 workshops/seminars for general public

       5 brochures/posters/leaflets


Working plan

1. Deliverable in 2012

       1 workshops/seminars

       1 brochures/posters/leaflets


2. Deliverable in 2013

       2 workshops/seminars

       2 brochures/posters/leaflets


3. Deliverable in 2014

       2 workshops/seminars

       2 brochures/posters/leaflets

       To prepare a follow-on plan beyond T2C