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Strategic Coordination

Organization of the group

Italian Coordinator  - Jovana Čvorović (LP)

Slovenian Coordinator  - Franja Šulek (PP11)

T2C Team Managers: Sabina Passamonti (LP)

Team Members:  Rennato Gennaro (LP), Adriano Savoini (LP), Giorgio Tessarolo (LP), Lovro Ziberna (LP)


  • To survey accurately all of the T2C activities according to the goals within various work packages.
  • To supervise the work done by T2C working groups.
  • To participate in the strategic coordination of the project on both, Slovenian and Italian, territories.
  • To properly represent and defend T2C interests.
  • To establish a long-lasting industry-academia-clinics partnerships. To be active in submitting grant proposals.
  • To report to the managing authorities the proceedings of the project and its achievements.
Target stakeholders
  • Public administration in Italy/Slovenia
  • Managing Authority
  • Local, national EU governmental offices
  • PPs, Joint Technical Secretariat, First Level Control
  • Funding bodies
  • Biomedical industries
Working goals
  • Promotion of Trans2Care project
  • Reporting
  • Submitting grant proposals
  • Search for strategic partnerships between industry/academia/clinics
Assignments over 3 years
  • Continuous supervision, coordination and project monitoring