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Working Group 3



Organization of the group

Italian Coordinator – Francesca D’Este (PP8)

Slovenian Coordinators – Katja Stopar (PP1); Uros Rajčević (PP10)

T2C Team Managers:  to be defined

Members of the group: Mitja Martelanc (PP3); Lovro Ziberna (LP); Luigina Deleo (PP9)


Target stakeholders

       Basic science units

       Pre-clinical departments


Working goals

       Growth of the network: new scientific collaborations outside the network

       Exchange of contacts for academic partners

       Grant screening/monitoring the open calls online

       Identifying and notifying suitable T2C partners to apply for a grant




       Min 10 joined grants applications submitted ( 5 have already been submitted-Italian PRIN projects)

       Helping with workshops/seminars (total of 10 are required by the project, work will be divided among all WGs i.e. WG 2, 3, 4, 5)

       Helping with min 5 new academics partners joined into the T2C network (the project proposal does not indicate a precise number)

       Mapping of competences and expertise and contacts of PPs to facilitate exchange of contacts

       Mapping of scientific collaborations

       Grant screening/monitoring/notification to PPs


Working plan

1. Deliverable in 2012


       5 applications have already been submitted in 2012 (goal accomplished)

       Helping with planning the scientific contribution of T2C to TriesteNext

       Min 2 new academic partners (academic partners are a domain of each PP!!)

       List of PPs competences, expertise, facilities, contacts

       List of ongoing scientific activities/collaborations

       New proposals/whishes for joint grant applications


2. Deliverable in 2013/2014


       Realization of the rest tasks written in Assignments