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PP6 - SBH - General hospital of Nova Gorica - Intensive Care Unit and Cardiology

Cathlab, clinical cardiovascular research


General Hospital of Nova Gorica is the youngest general hospital in Slovenia, from the health care program is the medium size Slovenian hospital, which is characterized by rapid growth and large dynamic processes. From an entrepreneurial point of view, the hospital is a large company and one of the largest companies in Primorska region. The hospital's main services are: (i) medical services: surgery, internal medicine, gynaecology, paediatrics, ophthalmology, ENT, orthopaedy with departments and sections, (ii) supportive medical services such as laboratory diagnostics, pharmacy, transfusiology, radiology, pathological morphology etc., (iii) managerial and administrative service, (iv) medical research, (v) other supportive services. Hospital has in total 929 employees, from which 113 are medical doctors. 82 medical doctors are specialists, 4 with PhD. Research department is in development, and currently 2 persons are fully involved in cardiologic research activities.


Hospital has on disposal all modern equipment necessary for secondary medical services and supportive medical services. The research department is equipped with technical equipment for assessing autonomic nervous system activity and baroreflex sensitivity


The research department was/is engaged in various research fields, such as (i) arterial hypertension, (ii) autonomic nervous system activity, (iii) baroreflex sensitivity, (iv) diastolic dysfunction of the left ventricle, (v) vascular elasticity, (vi) biomarkers in medicine - cardiology, (vii) toxicity of contrast media and development of protective agents. Specially, focus is on developing biomarker for acute kidney injury that can be used for the prediction of contrast induced nephropathy with NGAL (Neutrophil gelatinase - associated lipocalin). The goal is to develop practical lab-on chip for simple and quick clinical measurement of urine and/or plasma NGAL. We are also focused on determination of the exact mechanisms of toxicity of contrast media and possible protective substances. The main objective is to develop a pharmacological agent that will protect against post-contrast nephropathy. Additionally, we are collecting and preparing data (ECG, blood pressure) of patients during tilt-table test and testing new modified tilt-table protocol. The goals are to understand the pathophysiology of reflex syncope and the determination of early and predictive criteria for tilt-test on basis of heart rate variability and baroreflex sensitivity parameters.


heart rate variability, baroreflex sensitivity, NGAL, biomarkers, contrast-induced nephropathy


General hospital of Nova Gorica - Intensive Care Unit and Cardiology
  Matjaž Klemenc
Splošna Bolnišnica "dr. Franca Derganca" Ulica padlih borcev 13A 5290 ŠEMPETER