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PP5 - TT - Treviso Tecnologia - Agency for Innovation Treviso Chamber of Commerce

Services and projects for universities and research centres, lifelong learning programs, innovative methodologies for the certification of products and systems.


Treviso Tecnologia, stands out as a facilitator offering information, education and developing services to promote the continuous dissemination of innovation with companies, leveraging the network between the world of research, university, the chambers of commerce and public institutions.
Treviso Tecnologia aims at supporting the territory in its on-going transformation process through high value-added, innovative services, technological infrastructures and international awards, programmes for the development of skills and professionalism, innovation and technology transfer supporting companies at any level (local, national and European), finding resources whose final beneficiaries are companies.


Treviso Tecnologia boasts of skilled experiences and related technologies on:
  • Training on issues related to technology, innovation and quality in equipped classrooms and labs;
  • Supporting companies on developing research and technology transfer projects;
  • Themes related to Intellectual Property rights. Treviso Tecnologia is accredited as Patlib (Patent Information Centres, special offices of the European Patent Office);
  • Providing National and international technical law by the Punto UNI/CEI/EN;
  • Tests and certifications provided by the Products, Chemical and Metrological laboratories;
  • Offering new technologies, and opportunities given by the most recent innovations in the field of ICT (elaborate systems, software and web applications; multimedia and network services such as Webcasting, Web portals and innovative content management);
  • Developing Ergonomics and Virtual Prototyping Projects.


Improve assistance to enterprises and individuals in the field of Intellectual Property even spreading patent documentation. Carry on prior art searches on trademarks, patents and designs through official public and private databases. Update knowledge on national and international technical rules. Continue to develop and offer high quality training services intended to meet specific requirements of qualification and education. Develop advanced ICT tools. Create and foster technology transfer initiatives. Actively collaborate with the network of Research Institutes and Universities.


Intellectual property, standards, technology transfer, training, ICT.


Treviso Tecnologia is part of several European Projects both as Lead Partner and as Project Partner.

Treviso Tecnologia - Agency for Innovation Treviso Chamber of Commerce
  Franca Bandiera
Centro Cristallo via Roma 4 31020 LANCENIGO DI VILLORBA (TREVISO) Italy