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PP10 - ZTM - Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia

Centre for the production of diagnostic reagents and for research & research group Biomedicine


BTCS is a public healthcare institution, which ensures a constant supply of blood and its derivatives, diagnostic and therapeutic services, registers the bone marrow donors, and supplies the blood-based therapeutics within the public healthcare network. The BTCS forms the doctrine, follows its implementation and specifically links the blood transfusion departments of the hospitals into national transfusion network. In collaboration with Red Cross Slovenia and other humanitarian organizations, public media and other healthcare institutions and societies it animates and organizes the blood-donors. The Centre holds, Slovene, EU and US patents for several monoclonal antibodies used in diagnostics (e.g., a-stefinB, a-blood group antibodies, a-TNFalpha receptors p55 and p75, TNFalpha and its analogues; a-PrP Sc isoforms).


Technologies needed for safe and secure blood donations, blood testing and banking including basic medicine, applied specialistic medicine, diagnostic laboratories (clinical microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology), blood, tissue and cell banking facilities and knowhow. Activities and technologies include the GLP and GMP-level laboratories for the production of medical, diagnostic and therapeutic reagents and therapeutic cells, their evaluation and standardization based on iso 9001 and CE protocols. The laboratory has high competence in immunochemical techniques.


We're developing novel technologies, products and services to enable and up-grade safer transfusion and transplantation, novel therapies and better diagnostics. In particular the ZTM has technological resources and knowledge about the whole process for antibody production and is able to provide custom antibodies. In this framework it is also looking for strategic partnership aiming at commercialization (possibly global) of immunochemical services and it's developed products. This offer will be preferably addressed to health care institutes and researchers.


Transfusion, transplantation, blood/cell/tissue bank, GMP, ISO9001, Diagnostic monoclonal antibodies. Custom antibody production and purification.


Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia
  Vladka Curin Šerbec
Šlajmerjeva 6, 1000 LJUBLJANA Slovenia