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Lead Partner - UNITS - Università degli Studi di Trieste - Dept. of Life Sciences

Project leadership (monitoring internal scientific activities; promotion of knowledge and technology transfer; contact with external bodies; sustainability and development of professional profile of young researchers; dissemination).
Project management (ensuring the achievement of the project goals, by monitoring activities, budget and by identifying opportunities of performance improvement. Supported by T&B Associati Srl).
General expertise: biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, physiology, molecular pathology, pharmacology, environmental sciences.
Specific expertise of Trans2Care staff: peptide science, membrane transporter proteins, drug transport, natural compounds.


The University of Trieste is among the best universities in Italy for quality of teaching and excellence of research. It was ranked 261 (the forth Italian one) among the top 500 universities in the world for its scientific production, according to National Taiwan University - Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities. According to the 2012 national ranking of the Italian institute CENSIS, it is the 3rd among the medium-sized Italian Universities and the 4th among all Italian Universities. It is part of a lively international research environment providing access to state-of- the-art equipment and facilities and the possibility to interact with leading researchers in many fields. Trieste is among the top 10 EU-funded universities in Italy. The research carried out at the University of Trieste also translates into business opportunity thanks to the numerous spin-off companies that have been founded by its researchers. It has a dynamic Industrial Liason Office and it is connected to technological transfer services of Area Science Park, Trieste.


  • HTS multiplate reader from 6 to 394 – wells/plate (luminescence, fluorescence, absorbance);
  • spectrofluorimeter, ultracentrifuges
  • Cell culture growing infrastructure with 10 different cell lines
  • Biochemistry facilities (Western Blot, PCR, enzyme studies, ets.)
  • Electrogenic transport device
  • Microscopy (electron, confocal)
  • Laboratory animal facilities


Peptide science, membrane transporter proteins, drug transport, natural compounds, bilirubin research, oxidative stress research, intracellular characterization of antioxidant activities of drug compounds and/or endogenous antioxidants. Antimicrobial peptides.


Bilitranslocase, flavonoids, bilirubin, oxidative stress, antioxidants. Antimicrobial peptides.


Università degli Studi di Trieste - Dept. of Life Sciences
  Sabina Passamonti
Via L.Giorgieri 1, 34127 Trieste