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New opportunities to fund your research

Milan on April 2nd and 3rd 2014
Call for Enterprises, Start-Ups and Projects in the Biotech Field
Assobiotec (the Italian Association for the development of
biotechnology), Intesa Sanpaolo and Innovhub SSI (Milan Chamber of
Commerce Special Agency) are delighted to invite companies and
researchers in the biotech and nanobiotech field to participate in the
seventh edition of BioInItaly Investment Forum 2014 & Intesa Sanpaolo
Start-Up Initiative.
 1. Initiative Overview
BioInItaly Investment Forum & Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative is a
yearly investment forum open to established biotech and nanobiotech
companies, start-ups and projects from Italy but also from other
European countries seeking for financial resources. In a unique
end-to-end program, the applicants will benefit from coaching,
networking and direct contact with international investors through a
series of focused events. The initiative is aimed to provide the
applicants with the competences, connections and access to potential
Investors they need to go to market and scale.
2. Competition Structure
BioInItaly Investment Forum & Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative is
designed as a yearlong, three-phase investment arena:
• _Phase 1 – Launch_. Participants are invited to submit their ideas and
proposals using the specific form downloadable from the web site of
Assobiotec ( and Innovhub SSI ( At
the end of Phase 1, a maximum of 20 applicants are shortlisted for
participating to Phase 2.
• _Phase 2 – Boot Camp and Investment Forum_. The selected participants
will attend a two-day boot camp session in Milan. The session will allow
participants to benefit from extensive training to refine their business
plans and craft presentations aimed specifically at the investor arena.
This unique program will be run in cooperation with Silicon Valley angel
investor network Maverick Angels. At the end of Phase 2 a session of
deal line-up will take place in front of a group of investors and the
selected finalists will be allowed to move forward in the Investment
Forum which will be held in Milan on April 2nd
 and 3rd 2014.
• _Phase 3 – International Roadshow_. Following the Investment Forum,
some selected participants will be invited to take part in a series of
Arena Meetings to be held in London, Frankfurt, Paris, during the course
of 2014/2015. These unique networking events will provide contestants
with the opportunity to pitch to an audience of top investors and
receive detailed feedback following each meeting.
3. Eligibility
Applicants wishing to take part in this initiative must meet the
following requirements:
• Contestants must have a company / project that fits within one of the
following biotech and nanobiotech categories: health, agriculture,
environment, industry, food, bioinformatics, energy
• Contestants must indicate their financial need
Participants of the previous edition will be considered only in presence
of a new business plan.
4. Submission Method
The competition involves three phases.
Phase 1. Applicants will complete the submission form (see Phase 1
above) and submit it to:, with
Reference “BioInItaly 2014 Investment Forum”.
The deadline for submissions is set as midnight (GMT+1) on _Friday
February 14, 2014_.
Phase 2. Please note the following key dates for Phase 2:
➢March 17-18: boot camp session. Selected participants will take part
in training sessions
➢March 18 -30: one to one sessions. Selected participants will receive
personalized mentoring
➢March 31-April 1: deal line-up. Selected participants will pitch to a
group of selected investors and industry experts, who will select about
10 finalist companies to be admitted to the Investor Arena Meeting
Phase 3. Following the deal line-up, selected finalists will take part
in the Investment Forum, that will be held on _April 2-3, 2014 in Milan
(Palazzo Besana, Piazza Belgioioso 1)_.
Dates for subsequent international meetings to be defined.
5. Selection Criteria
The proposals submitted by contestants will be judged by a Selection
Panel according to the following criteria:
1) Strength of Product / Technology. What are the strengths of the
product and its technical standards? Is there a need for the proposed
technology and does it offer an effective solution to a problem in the
field? Is the product/technology original and disruptive?
2) Business Model. Is the business model clear and sustainable? What is
its capacity to monetize and what is the estimated time to market?
3) Market Size and Scalability. What are the size and attractiveness of
the target market? Can the proposed technology or solution be deployed
at a scale?
4) Barriers to Entry and Competitive Advantage. Is there a clear and
sustainable competitive advantage in the proposed solution and are the
barriers to entry strong enough to prevent competitors from penetrating
the market?
5) Team. What is the composition of the team? Is there a balance in
terms of knowledge and expertise? What are their strengths and
weaknesses? How strong is their overall commitment to the business?
6) Financials. Is the team’s business plan robust? What is their
strategy for growing and financing the company in the medium term (3-5
At least 50% of the applicants will be selected considering as necessary
condition their operative site in Italy or the intention to open it in
The Selection Panel will be composed by experienced and qualified
professionals from the biotech and finance world.
The presentation that will be considered the most effective – according
the rating assessment of the BioInItaly Commission and the Selection
Panel – will be awarded the Corbelli Prize, consisting in the coverage
by Assobiotec and Innovhub SSI of travel and accomodation expenses for
one edition of the European road show (Frankfurt, London or Paris).
6. Confidentiality
• The staff of the three organizing entities (Assobiotec, Intesa
Sanpaolo and Innovhub SSI) as well the members of the Selection Panel
will have access to entry materials.
• Entering teams must recognize that any information submitted through
entries is at risk of ‘public disclosure’.
• The organizers, judges and other affiliates of the event will NOT
enter into non-disclosure agreements with applicants.
For information: –
In memory of Gabriele Corbelli
Gabriele Corbelli was one of the co-founders of WISE, a nano-biotech
start-up who developed an elastic metallized polymer for use in
stretchable neuromodulation leads (with applications in the diagnosis
and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's).
Gabriele, together with his friend and co-founder Luca Ravagnan, was
scheduled to pitch at the BioInItaly Investment Forum Intesa Sanpaolo
Start-Up Initiative scheduled for April 18, 2012. Only, that is not what
happened: during the night before the event, Gabriele passed away in his
He was only 31 years old, and driven by a strong passion for innovation
and technology which, he dreamed, could help improve the lives of
neurodegenerative disease patients worldwide.
In his memory, Assobiotec and Innovhub SSI decided, starting 2013, to
dedicate the award for the best biotechnology startup to his name.